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In 2014, the Canadian Beverages Association (CBA) launched the
Balance Calories Initiative (BCI). The initiative’s goal is to reduce
(by 20 per cent) non-alcoholic beverage calories consumed per person
in Canada by 2025. Most of the calories in these beverages are due to
sugar. Therefore, the initiative entails reducing the amount of sugar
that Canadians consume each year.

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Counting the Calories, 2018
The Canadian beverage industry’s Balance Calories Initiative is helping to reduce the calories consumed from beverages across all ages and regions according to The Conference Board of Canada newest report– Counting the Calories. The report looks deeper into consumption rates of non-alcoholic beverages based on Statistics Canada’s latest Canadian Community Health Survey – Nutrition Survey data. A collaboration between StatsCan, Health Canada and provincial health ministries, the Canadian Community Health Survey is the largest Canadian government survey to assess what Canadians are eating and drinking.

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Balance Calories Initiative: 2017 Tracking Report, 2017

The Canadian Beverage Association launched the Balance Calories Initiative to help reduce the calories that Canadians obtain from liquid refreshment beverages. This report assesses the most recent data to determine if the Initiative is on track.

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Balance Calories Initiative Baseline Report: 2014, 2014

The Canadian Beverage Association partnered with The Conference Board of Canada to benchmark and verify progress of the Balance Calories initiative. The Conference Board’s Baseline Report shows that Canadians are consuming less calories and sugar from beverages than they have in decades. This new report shows that Canadians’ daily per capita calories consumed from liquid refreshment beverages has already dropped by 20 per cent between 2004 and 2014 to 142.5 calories.

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