More Choices,
Less Sugar.

Members of the Canadian Beverage Association – over 60 of the brands you know and love – are bringing consumers more choices with less sugar. In fact, nearly 60% of beverages sold across Canada have reduced or no sugar. We are delivering on our commitment to help consumers find balance!

Delivering More Choices

Canada’s beverage sector has been innovating for over 20 years to bring you more low- and no-calorie beverage options. In 2020, the sector partnered with the Conference Board of Canada to confirm that we are on track to meet our goal of a 20% reduction by 2025.

Bringing Balanced Choices to Canadian Consumers

Alongside Canadian beverage companies, we are working to support Atlantic Canadians in finding balance in every sip with more low- and no-calorie choices in the beverage aisle.

Our sector has worked hard to increase access to new and innovative products that will help Canadians make smarter choices – and it’s working! I know this will continue to inspire real and sustainable change in our communities.

Krista Scaldwell, President, Canadian Beverage Association