Balanced Choices NWT


Swap for low/no-calorie drinks

All beverages sold in the NWT have the calories of each serving on the front of the label so you can make the choice of beverage that best suits your energy intake each day.


Try a smaller portion size

When you’re choosing a drink, consider how the portion size fits in t o your calorie-per-day target. Take advantage of smaller single serving sizes, including one of the most popular – “mini-cans”.


Balance calories with activities

We all know that activity and energy levels can change every day. When you choose a beverage, select one that balances the calories you consume with activities you enjoy.

About Balanced Choices NWT

Locally designed industry-led initiative: Balanced Choices NWT, is a point of sale education program. This initiative has been launched in support of providing residents of the Northwest Territories with quick tips on how to identify low and no calorie beverage options. It also encourages residents to access NWT government health resources on how they can adopt healthy habits to reduce their risk of chronic disease.

“Balance what you eat, drink and do” decals will be placed on coolers and fridges in stores throughout NWT to cue residents to visit

Community Support

Balanced Choices NWT is a “made in the Northwest Territories” initiative. We have partnered with local vendors and firms in NWT to ensure that this industry led initiative is created by residents, for the residents of NWT. We are proud to have collaborated with local businesses on the design, translation and printing of this initiative.

The Balanced Choices NWT decals have been translated into the following five Indigenous dialects:

  • Tlicho
  • Chipewyan
  • South Slavey
  • North Slavey
  • Inuvialuktun

Industry Efforts

The Canadian beverage industry is committed to promoting healthy, balanced communities and is continuously working to improve the health of children and families in the Northwest Territories. The Government of the Northwest Territories Department of Health and Social Services is already working hard to educate residents on ways to prevent chronic disease through numerous resources. We believe that Balanced Choices NWT will help to support that work.

We know an important part of supporting balanced choices is by providing low-and no-calorie beverage options, smaller portion sizes to encourage balance between energy levels, physical activity and the beverages consumers choose to enjoy.

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